The Sigmoid LPR ACCESS® system is designed to control and log the traffic at parking places, parking lots and private sites. It can also calculate parking fees.
 The system works automatically: licence plates of vehicles stopping at the entry and exit points are recognized by the central server. If the specified conditions are met, the gate is opened.
 The software supports both analogue and IP cameras, even mixed.
 The software can recognize licence plates of most countries, both single and double lined, normal or inverse.
 Recognition can operate continuously, or can be triggered by external sources, for example by a ground loop.
 Recognition can also be restricted to certain areas of the image, making it possible to exclude disturbing or irrelevant areas.
 It is possible to define various conditions for opening the gates. These conditions can be different for each gate. In a very basic situation, the gate can open for all approaching vehicles, and the system serves only logging purposes. As another example, all cars are allowed to enter, but only those who have already paid can leave. It is also possible to allow certain cars to enter / leave freely, while all others are required to pay. All this can be combined with timetables.
 The software stores every recognized licence plate in the log, together with the image and all data retrieved from the database. The log can be browsed, filtered, and itís possible to create various statistics from it. The log can be printed or exported, in whole or in part.
 In addition to automatic recognition, licence plate numbers can also be entered on the keyboard. This allows checking a particular licence plate not seen by the camera, or if a licence plate is too dirty, damaged or masked for automatic recognition.
 The system can interact with other systemís databases, so it is possible to let other programs operate the gates.
 It is also possible to open the gates via mouse click in exceptional situations.

Automatic licence plate recognition
 The system works well with both analogue and IP cameras. Better the image quality results in more accurate recognition. Analogue cameras can connect to the computer through video digitizer cards, or an external video server can be used. IP cameras can send MJPEG, MPEG4 or H264 streams to the server. The software evaluates all image frames seen by the camera. It finds the licence plates and reads their characters. The licence plate can appear on any part of the image, in many angle, even from the very side. But it is important that the plate and all characters on it should be fully visible, and free from damage and dirt. The system can recognize licence plates of most countries.
 The recognizer is very tolerant to lighting conditions, even very dark and very bright images are handled well, as long as the whole licence plate is visible on the image. This makes the system suitable for twilight or night usage (infrared illuminators shall be used in the latter case).
 However, care must be taken that each licence plate is fully visible at least on one image frame. This can be ensured by choosing a proper zoom and view of angle.
 Day/night cameras with additional infrared illuminators can deliver good image quality even at night, thus allowing continuous operation around the clock.

Interoperability with other systems
 The program can interoperate with other systems in various ways, so it is possible to let other programs open the gates, specify conditions, or to do other tasks (for example to print tickets).
 Recognized licence plates can be transferred to other applications or databases. In this situation, the other application can decide which vehicle is allowed, and also, it can operate the gate.

Using a remote client
 A special client program allows connecting to the server from a remote computer. The client supports camera live view, all log functions (monitoring, audiovisual alerts, searching, filtering, statistics and printing) and program configuration - it is almost like sitting at the server. The client can use any internet connection (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G). Client programs are also recommended if the database shall be modified from multiple workstations.

  • can handle multiple cameras simultaneously,
  • recognizes normal and inverse licence plates,
  • recognizes licence plates of most countries,
  • recognizes single- and double-line plates,
  • supports both analogue and IP cameras,
  • continuous operation or triggering,
  • recognition area restriction,
  • various conditions for opening the gate,
  • quick and detailed log search capabilities,
  • log statistics,
  • customizable user interface,
  • log printing and export,
  • custom own database import,
  • program update using the internet,
  • interoperability with other systems and databases.

System components
 The full system consists of the following components:
  • licence plate recognition software,
  • gate control unit,
  • client software.
 To have a minimal working system, only the first component is required. The other components can be added later on demand.

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